X-Ray Services


X-Ray Film Disposal

We offer a new solution for disposing of time expired x-ray films for the medical sector.

The technology, which has been developed with an industry leading professional, can set specific parameters to filter the files to ensure only the right ones are extracted and securely destroyed.

It also takes a digital image of the label, including patient ID, so the NHS Trusts not only receive an electronic record but one that can also be searched for in EXEL to help with recovery of information.

All work is carried out in compliance with hospital information governance and medical record policy and many orders have already been successfully completed.

Recycled UK is also working with veterinary practices, private healthcare providers and companies looking to dispose of their industrial x-rays.

How it works

  • An initial viability review and investigation into the financial potential
  • Recycled UK take delivery of files from off-site storage to a secure location
  • We remove files from the hospital’s on-site storage
  • Files are sorted in compliance with hospital information governance and medical records policy
  • Expired files are electronically recorded before being securely destroyed
  • Silver is recovered
  • Payment is sent to the NHS Trust

Benefits of our Vision Imaging Software

  • No upfront fees 
for the NHS Trust, crucial with tighter budgets
  • Top rebate prices 
provide new funding opportunities
  • Secure file destruction
  • Vision imaging used to store destroy files
  • Reduce on-site & off-site storage costs

There were no costs to us and in fact we gained an income from the process

We needed to reduce our overall annual expenditure and we found Recycled UK could potentially save us over £18,000 a year in rental fees.

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