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The Recycled UK Experience

We pride ourselves on making life easy for our clients, saving them time, money and inconvenience associated with meeting Government legislation for recycling.

By forging long-term working partnerships with the customer, we will remove all the headaches associated with waste management and actually develop new revenue streams that can be channeled back into your business.

How We Work…

  • From the first call, the customer will deal with a dedicated point of contract for the entire process.
  • Recycled UK will carry out a full site survey to audit your plastic waste stream production, volumes and legal compliance.
  • Following site audit, we will recommend and supply the right type and quantity of container for recycled material. All of these will be cleaned and maintained by Recycled UK.
  • Collection times agreed with the client to avoid disruption and inconvenience.
  • We will check and measure waste, with each collection accurately measured and logging for reporting.
  • All necessary paperwork is arranged and completed by Recycled UK to ensure waste is removed, stored and disposed of under legal requirements. All clients receive a Destruction Certificate.
  • Everything is collated in an on-site file and the recycling area is left clean and tidy, making a cleaner environment for the customer.
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